Motorized Window Coverings for Comfort and Convenience

Motorized Window Coverings for Comfort and Convenience

Double height livics or high-ceiling houses are becoming popular nowadays because of the luxury and dimension it adds to the entire space. This ingenious house trend that involves large windows and high ceiling give homeowners the illusion of a bigger space. However, the challenge to this is managing or operating the window shades or window drapes used in these types of houses.

Through the modernization and innovation of technology, homeowners don’t have to struggle anymore in operating their window coverings. Gone are the days of manual operation because our motorized window products in Vacaville, California, is the answer. This contemporary motorized window from Super Duty Blinds has control options that are compatible with all major home automation control systems. Moreover, the window shades, either light filtering, room darkening, or blackout, are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and style options.

It has also become easier and more convenient when it comes to operating our window blinds in California as it can be controlled through infrared or radio frequency wireless remote control. This remote-controlled windows covering is the perfect option for double-height living rooms or high-ceiling houses with hard-to-reach large windows. Automating a drapery covering in a living room window also eliminates the eyesore of exposed cords from any window coverings that require cords for manual operation.

Experience these and more when availing of our affordable yet top-quality window coverings. Schedule a design consultation with us by calling 707-474-2551 for your window shutters needs.

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