Why Investing in Window Shutters Is a Good Idea

Why Investing in Window Shutters Is a Good Idea

Our window shutters and window shades at Super Duty Blinds are a smart investment not only for your home but also for the environment.

Aside from the aesthetic factor they add to your home, they also give you value for money by being a long-lasting but low-maintenance option. This means fewer replacements, and since we offer 100% recyclable variants, a truly eco-friendly choice.

Don’t believe us? As one of the leading providers of window products in Vacaville, California, let us walk you through the benefits of purchasing our window shutters.

  • Saves you money on bills.
    Our window shutters serve as insulative barriers, keeping out hot and cold temperatures depending on the season and helping lower your energy bills.
  • Durable and needs minimal maintenance.
    Our window shutters are durable and only need a bit of wiping down to stay clean. One variant, our Lexwood® Shutters is contacted with UV ray inhibitors for long-term fade resistance. Another variant, Polycore® Shutters, is flame-resistant and uses an aluminum core in a solid polymer, ensuring rigidity and durability.
  • Is good for the environment.
    Our window shutters are made of 100% recyclable materials—Lexwood® Shutters is made of premium kiln-dried basswood, with no plastic fillers or composites to affect its perishability. Our Polycore® Shutters, on the other hand, are certified by the GREENGUARD® Certification Program and GREENGUARD® Gold Certification for its low chemical emission rate and 100% recyclability, allowing it to be reproduced as a new PVC product when it reaches its end-of-life cycle.

These are only some of the benefits you can get from investing in your very first window shutters. Get the quality you deserve by scheduling a free consultation today! We also offer window blinds in California along with our other window products.

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